Saturday, November 28, 2009


Thanks for Spending time with my Paintings, Thanks for stopping by...!
This is a Painting showing the couple together, in a state of Happiness, joy, & the pigeons, showing peace...
Life is the most beautiful gift. Life originates in LOVE. Without love, no one can come into life and nothing can come into existence. Life is the mysterious manifestation of LOVE. Those who have understood love have actually understood life. Love is the cardinal grammar of life. There is abundant love in the entire creativity. One only needs to feel it.
Ref. No. 8031.
Artist. Rukshana Hooda.
Title. Arabian
Category. Painting.
Style. Figurative
Medium. Acrylics + Texture on Handmade Paper
Year. Nov. 2008
Size. 30 inches by 22 inches on Handmade Paper.
Original.This is my Original work.
Signed by the artist.Yes.
Certificate of Authenticity. Yes.
Location.Mumbai. INDIA.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hello Everyone, Thanks for stopping by, Thanks for spending time with my art-works...!
This Particular one is from My "Save the environment & Keep it clean" series...It is an oringal Painting, the size is 18 inches by 36 inches on stretched Canvas, & the Medium is Acrylics on Canvas + Texture.
ABOUT THE PAINTING~These are my universe series, this shows movement, life too is topsy turvy, we all are here to learn, every day till our last, the more we endure, the more secure we are....what goes round comes round, & what we sow so shall we reap...We are here for a particular reason, a help, to serve...!! This is worked on Colour Theraphy, a complimentary colour-scheme with its tints & tones Red for Dynamism, Adventure, Green for Abundence, Pink for Passion, hence these positive energies flow into your homes....this shows that we should view things on a larger canvas, then everything seems so small, the sun, the miseries, the problems, the uneasiness, the Turbulence.....
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