Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Through my windowpane....

Our sweetheart Roufes is  now no more..he came as a blessing 13 yrs ago and suddenly left us on 21st sept. 2015
This bundle of joy came to us with a shiny black coat and left back an entire legacy of love..
All what our blue eyed boy as we called him (as he had Glaucoma, high kreatin and multiple health issues) taught us the real meaning of Love, care, share  like no human ever can ~~~totally unconditional....
As a pup his innocence, playfulness, love, cuteness, loyalty, craziness all just engulfed us, he was part of our family and day by day totally inseparable. 
See how we humans work, Roufy was with us yesterday, but we had to create a place for his burial, whilst he was with us on our bed, suffering, we had to work as per a time table to avoid traffic, we have to abide by rules or we are not practical...a big factor to consider for an emotional fool like me.
It was raining whilst we drove him to the vet, his eyes moist, he was in severe pain, and was pushing his body towards us, stretching his stiff limbs, breathing loudly...how much i wanted to erase that pain like how i erase colors with my paint brush, but alas the time had come...he just had to go and i was wishing for some more time for him to be with us. Hope against hope...
Can't imagine that i internally wished for someone i loved soooo much, that suddenly death would engulf him and we just did not have to put him to sleep...!!!
Just through the windowpane all i can now see is the little place where our Roufy lies in slumber, a painless body now, burried deep....and  believe me the alphabets, RIP which i too have typed for many are far too heavy now....

Friday, January 16, 2015



Thanks for spending time with my paintings..Thanks for going through...!!! 

Ref. No.8011. 
Artist. Rukshana Hooda. 
Title. Naive in copper 'N Gold. 
Category Charcoal Etch & Copper + Gold.. 
Style. Figurative. 
Medium. Charcoal on Canvas Cartridge. 
Year. 2007. 
Size. 11 inches by 15 inches Original.Yes. 
Signed by the artist.Yes. 
Certificate of Authenticity. Yes. 
Location. Mumbai. India. 
ABOUT THE ETCH. This is an Original Charcoal Etch with earth colours, of a women in a rare composition, with gold, copper.. All sizes are in inches only, Copyrights © Reserved. ...An Etch that any one would love to possess...OR THE BEST GIFT FOR SOMEONE SPECIAL..

Charcoal etch with acrylics....


U May share the artwork, but kindly do not copy, Thank-U..!!
Copyrights Reserved.
Enjoy the Original Artworks displayed here, Only one available, no repeats...!!!