Friday, July 10, 2009

Set Of 2 In the Rain

Set of 2,  In the Rain

Set of 2, In the Rain
Rukshana Hooda

I take the opportunity & request you to attend the opening Of MoNSooN ART SHoW 2oo9' at Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai. on Monday 6th July, 2009 at 5.00 p.m. I am displaying a few of my art-works~ This is a group show. The exhibition will continue till 14th. August 2009. Bajaj Bhavan, Ground Floor,
Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai.
Jamnalal Bajaj Marg,
226, Nariman Point,
Mumbai - 400 021.
022 22023626 / 22842110
This Set of 2 Paintings will be on Display there.
Ref. No. : 8029.
Name of Artist : Rukshana Hooda.
Size :These are 2 Paintings of 20" by 30" each.
Signature : Yes, this is signed by the Artist.
Location : Mumbai, India.
Year : 2009.
About the Painting : This is showing the couple meeting in the Rain....The cool breeze, the rain-drops, the romance...This exhibition depicts the Beautiful Weather in India, Our Rains, bringing
in Romance, cheerfulness, abundance, growth, the lovely birds chirping, the
Peacock dance, The children splashing, Umbrellas & Rain-wear all out,
getting wet, lightening, thundering, the samosas, the hot spicy snacks,
hot tea......
oh, How i Love the Rains....
Copyrights ©. All rights reserved.
This was in the DNA, After Hours, Page 5, on the 9th of July 2009.

What My Paintings Depict : Rain-Washed :This is a Painting in cool colours, with texture, the trees are whispering about God's Unique Creation, about Beauty of the Universe, about the Oneness Of the Almighty. This shows the soothing aura, after the first rain, the serene, quiet, calmness, the clean-washed woods, the stillness all so magical...!
This Paintings shows woods, forest, what we get from wood, from nature,our mere existence is from there, food, water, all so vital to humans,cleanliness, important to have re-cycled products so we help society, thus helping us~ hence it is so important to save it....
This is from My "Save the environment & Keep it clean" series...
Title.: Droplets 1 & 2 show the Peacock Feather in a stylised form, Abstract Formation.
ABOUT THE PAINTING. This is from my Stop Animal & Bird Abuse and Cruelty! Save the Rare species series, Preserve Nature.
This is a stylised Peacock Feather, These beautiful birds dance in the rain, showing their colourful feathers, hence this brings to mind a Rain-dance, the Peacock Dance, & the droplets on the feathers... hence the title "DROPLETS"
The Peacock, OUR NATIONAL BIRD, is An Abstract Painting on the color-wheel, showing beautiful colors.Here the artist captures the composition of bright colors, bringing in positive energy, each colour depicting various moods, as cheerfulness,
energy, vigor,(Yellow) serenity, spirituality,
(Violet & Purple) Warmth, (Orange) Adventure (Red) Abundence (Green) Peace & Tranquility (White) Passion & Beauty (Pink) Calmness (Blue) the colour gold depicts wealth, ... I also show copper, bronze in my Paintings depicting Mother earth, & we all owe something in return, our being is a Blessing from God, we cherish Life, we are indebted for this Tremendous Gift, a responsibility towards ourselves, our families, & society, hence i feel it is importent to save our enviournment...! so there is a hidden messege for us all...!

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